Maneater Lets You Sadistically Leave Humans Alive After Biting Their Limbs Off – Gamescom 2019


While the Gamescom demo of Maneater was the same as the E3 demo, we learned some new details about the shark-forward open-world game. Let’s sink our teeth in, courtesy of Maneater’s QA Lead Brian Lord.

There Are Several Areas Populated by Apex Predators

“Population control is all about that apex predator we met. Each region has an apex predator and they have a favorite food group. If you eat it, they’re going to get angry.”
These are the Announced Apex Predators so Far:

Rosie the Alligator

“So, as we met Rosie earlier she was in a tunnel, she was hanging out. She loves catfish. If we went into her region and ate a lot of her catfish, obviously Rosie would come out and pick a fight with us.”
Bob The Baraccuda

“Bob the Barracuda has been hanging out with some chemicals. He has a problem, we’re all sitting him down on Saturday for an intervention.”
Just Some Angry Sperm Whale

“This is a sperm whale who is incredibly angry, and for the life of us we can’t figure out why. He won’t talk to us, he’s just mad all the time, hangs out in his room, playing Megadeth really loud.”

The More Humans You Eat, The More You’ll Be Hunted

“Hunter parties and bounty system is a human reaction to you as a monster in the game. The more humans you interact with, the more you kill, the more boats you destroy, obviously, the more active they’re going to be searching for you and hunting you down. Now the bonus is, is the more hunter parties come out, the more you can fight them, and gain some awesome rewards. But every time you kill one, another one is dispatched and they’re a little bit tougher, and a little bit tougher, and a little bit tougher until eventually you got to make a choice whether you’re going to stay and die or run away and fight again another day.”
There Are Seven Unique Regions in Maneater

“There are seven unique regions in the world and we wanted each one to feel completely different, just like we were playing any other RPG. Dead Horse Lake is a very dark, murky lake, it has a lot of trash. But there’s also the Gulf Coast, with crystal clear blue waters with lots of coral, as well as some swamps and some dank bayous as well.”
The Day/Night Cycle Will Change Your Prey

“Humans are mostly active during the day and less active at night. So, you won’t see as many in the water on boats, but you’ll tend to see a lot more wildlife that’s active at night. You’ll see jellyfish and other predators at night, and during the day you’ll see a lot more humans.”
You Can Tear Off Human Limbs Instead of Killing Them

“You can take off limbs. They bleed out and die. You remove a limb or an arm, a leg, their head.”

There Are Other Sharks in the World But They’re Not Your Friends

“Everyone is an enemy. Everyone is either an enemy or food.”
Blindside Interactive Is Still Working Out How Long It Will Be
‘We’d really like players to be able to finish the storyline and still continue to explore and play the game. It’s just a matter of how long should the storyline be and then to keep players interested long after they’re done with the story. So, it’s just a balance that right now we’re currently … We’re doing our best to try to balance it out.”

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