Donald Trump Calls Out Apple CEO Tim Cook for Removing iPhone Home Button


US President Donald Trump is missing the home button on the newer iPhone models and he is not happy about it. To express his displeasure, he took to Twitter earlier today, like he does for most things, and called out Apple CEO Tim Cook. Trump wrote how home button was much better than the current implementation. It is unclear what prompted his outrage, given it has been some time since Apple removed the home button from iPhone models, though it is possible that Trump had just upgraded from an older iPhone.

The home button had been a mainstay of all iPhone models since late-Apple co-founder Steve Jobs unveiled the original iPhone in 2007 until the Cupertino, California-based company removed it in favour of swipe controls in iPhone X. The iPhone XS lineup as well as the new iPhone 11 series don’t include any models with a home button. One can still buy the older iPhone 8 ? 41,399 model in most countries, and even older iPhones in select countries to still get an iPhone with a home button.

According to Reuters, Trump uses a government-issued iPhone. So, it is possible that it has just been upgraded to a newer model, prompting his unhappiness.“To Tim: The Button on the IPhone was FAR better than the Swipe!” Trump tweeted.The US president was apparently so miffed with the lack of the button that he even went ahead and retweeted his original tweet.Interestingly, some older tweets, unearthed by Business Insider, show Trump telling Apple to launch large-screen iPhone models, or risk losing business. One way Apple has been able to include larger display in iPhone is by ditching the home button.

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