Here’s How Instagram Uses AI To Help You Explore Content


How do you get the perfect recommendations while you try to explore new content on Instagram?

It looks like Instagram wants to share how it uses AI to help you explore the best content while keeping you safe from unwanted posts.

It discusses the technical details on its latest Facebook blog post about Machine Learning applications. Here, we just give you an overview of what’s mentioned.

Specifically, it talks about the “Explore” content tab that fills up with suggested content/posts from users across the globe. If you are still clueless, it is the content that pops up before you head to search for something on Instagram.

They target on optimizing the algorithm to constantly give you fresh and quality suggestions that you would like and potentially interact with.

It takes your interests as the context and shows you the recommendations from it. From millions of relevant posts worldwide, Instagram filters everything steps by step and ends up a handful of 25 posts or more as your personalized recommendations.

The curation and filtering of the posts for every account are easily achievable for them using AI.

Of course, with the use of AI, there will be certain exceptions that require human intervention or maybe constant monitoring to see what bypasses the filters and what gets selected for the users.

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