Call of Duty: Mobile Reportedly Getting New Character Skin, War Machine Skin, Zombies Mode Map Soon


Activision has added new winter-themed content on Call of Duty: Mobile, which includes a revamped battle royale map with a holiday parade. Now, some players have discovered new skins and zombies map, which may be added to the game soon. While the global version of Call of Duty: Mobile is published by Tencent’s Timi studios, the South East Asian version is published by Garena. Players of the Garena version have reportedly spotted the skins and map.

The new character skin is the default one, which is available in the Garena version. The character wears a scarf on his head and white gloves. The skin may be available in the global version of the game soon. War machine, which is available in battle royale, may get a new glacier skin that resembles the AK-47 glacier skin. The magazine is covered in red while the rest of the body of this machine gun is covered with ice.

Data miners have also discovered some images of a new zombies mode map named Tranzit. However, any other details regarding this map are not available yet.

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