Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Rumoured to Launch in Q2 2020, Tipped to Pack 8-Inch Screen, S Pen, 108-Megapixel Camera



  • Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to arrive in Q2 2020
  • It’s rumoured to have the S Pen and a 108-megapixel camera
  • This should be announced alongside the Galaxy Z Flip

Max Weinbach from XDA Developers is at it again, giving us new information about Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone. This time, it’s not about the Galaxy Z Flip, but it’s regarding the Galaxy Fold’s true successor, which is expected to arrive in Q2 this year. Going by all the reports and leaks so far, Weinbach states that Galaxy Fold 2 should have an 8-inch display, a 108-megapixel rear camera, ultra-thin glass, S Pen, Snapdragon 865 SoC, and of course, 5G support. Once again, these are all just rumours, so take everything with a pinch of salt until it’s officially confirmed by Samsung.

Weinbach claims that the next Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to launch much after Samsung’s Unpacked event on February 11. However, this doesn’t mean it won’t be announced at the event. If we look back at Samsung’s teaser video for its event, it shows us two differently shaped moulds replacing the ‘A’ letter in the word Galaxy. One of the shapes is rectangular while the other is more squarish. This could hint at the two foldable which will be showcased — the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Fold 2. The squarish mould will most likely be the Galaxy Fold 2, in its open state, similar to the current fold.

A specifications bump is inevitable so, it’s not surprising that it’s rumoured to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC inside. The latter will only be paired with the X55 5G modem, according to Qualcomm, so it’s not surprising again that it will support 5G out-of-the-box. What is surprising is that the Galaxy Fold 2 might include the S Pen, which up until now, has been restricted to Galaxy Note devices. This, if true, would actually be a good thing as it would let you get a lot more use of the expanded screen real estate when opened up.

Rumour also has it that it might sport a larger 8-inch display, compared to the 7.3-inch display in the current Galaxy Fold. It’s possible that Samsung could trim down the bezels in the upcoming model, in order to fit a larger display in a similar sized body as the current Fold. Just like the Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy Fold 2 is also expected to have the ultra-thin glass protecting the display, instead of plastic. Last but not least, it’s rumoured to have Samsung’s home-grown flagship 108-megapixel camera sensor, which we first saw on the Xiaomi Mi 10.

We just have a couple of weeks before Samsung’s event, which should put all the leaks and rumours to rest.

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