Apple’s Pro Display XDR is now available in India


And it may put a hole in your pocket

Back in June, Apple wowed the world with what was the most capable professional editing rig and the best monitor to go along with it. Right in time for the holidays, the Apple Pro Display XDR is now available in India.

While it won’t be the cheapest component of your editing rig, the Apple Pro Display XDR has many elements that no other monitor in the market offer. It’s supposed to be the first 32-inch display with a 6K resolution, a peak brightness of 1,600 nits, and a whopping 10,00,000:1 contrast ratio.

As the name suggests, this monitor supports XDR (Extreme Dynamic Range), which is a big step over HDR, by reproducing extremely contrasting images with brights and darks without losing fidelity at either end. It can also sustain a brightness of 1,000 nits, a number that only a few smartphones (and even fewer monitors) can boast of.

To ensure that this extreme contrast can be sustained without the brights leaking into the dark parts, the Apple Pro Display XDR implements an array of 576 blue LEDs that are handled by 12 controllers and the timing controller (TCON) chip. These refresh rapidly to ensure minimal light leakage (blooming), while a micro-lens array brings uniformity to the entire panel.

Even with that potentially extreme dynamic range and contrast, Apple states that the Pro Display XDR is one of the most color-accurate displays available, with true 10-bit color reproduction capabilities, and a P3 wide color gamut. It comes calibrated out-of-the-box.

Apple Pro Display XDR price in India

In India, the base variant of the monitor is priced at Rs 4,49,900, with the nano-textured glass taking it up to Rs 5,29,900. The Pro stand is priced at Rs 91,900, and the VESA mount adapter to attach will set you back another Rs 18,900.

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