Which Temtem starter should you choose?

Here’s how to build a strong squad from the start.

Which of the three Temtem starters should you pick? Exploring this floating archipelago will expose you to all kinds of adorable creatures, but negotiating the twelve different Temtem types to make the right starter choice may feel tough at first.

Picking the best first follower for your playstyle will ensure you have a more enjoyable journey across each island, so I’m here to give you the lowdown on each of the Temtem starters, their strengths and weaknesses, and where to catch them. Here’s how to pick the best starter and dominate your beginning battles.


Type: Crystal
Effective vs: Electric and Mental
Ineffective vs: Fire and Earth
Resistances: Mental, Toxic and Electric
Weak vs: Fire, Earth and Melee
Where to catch: Mines of Quetzal on Tucma Island
Evolution: Sherald (level 30)

Crystle is a well-rounded Temtem starter as it has balanced base stats and a strong set of techniques (abilities). Initially equipped with two Physical techniques, Crystle can deal considerable damage to opponents despite its primary stats being in Defence and HP.

Crystal Temtem are difficult to come by in the early portions of the game so adding one to your squad early will give you a competitive edge. Later it’s worth learning Crystal Spikes—a High Priority technique that deals 120 damage and Crystal Dust, a special attack that includes Wind type properties.

Note: every technique has a Priority rating which determines when the action will be performed within a turn. Priority is also dependent on individual Temtem’s Speed stats; the higher the Priority, the earlier the action will occur.


Type: Melee
Effective vs: Earth and Crystal
Ineffective vs: Mental and Melee
Resistances: Melee
Weak vs: Mental and Digital
Where to catch: Arbury Island (currently inaccessible in Alpha)
Evolution: Baboong (level 29)

Smazee’s strengths are its high Speed and Attack Power, although these stats don’t compensate for its low Defence stats. If you’re set on picking this Melee type, Skunch and Saipat’s stronger stats make them better options. Both can be found on Deniz Island.

Smazee’s strongest move is Uppercut, which deals 80 damage to opponents. Most of its techniques are of a High Priority due to its notable base Speed stats. Smazee is the weakest starter choice as it offers few advantages early on. Unlike Crystal types, Melee Temtem are far from rare, so it’s worth catching your own after you’ve made your first pick.



Type: Mental
Effective vs: Neutral and Melee
Ineffective vs: Crystal 
Resistances: Neutral and Melee
Weak vs: Electrical, Digital and Crystal 
Where to catch: Arbury Island (currently inaccessible in Alpha)
Evolution: Tental (level 29)

Mental Temtem are quite rare, cementing Houchic as a viable starter, although their playstyle is slightly trickier to master. Both of its starter Techniques (Psy Wave and Hypnosis) have one Hold, meaning you’ll have to wait a turn before you can use them.

Early battles with Houchic may feel less rewarding than the other starters as you’ll use be forced to use the same strategy in most battles. Having fewer options to adapt mid-battle can result in situations feeling a little stale until you’re sufficiently levelled. Thankfully there is a decent payoff once you unlock Beta Burst, a special move that inflicts 100 damage. This new Technique is worth the wait and can be used with Hold techniques to diversify your battle plan.

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