How to make money in Temtem – Pansun Farming

A guide to Pansun farming

One of my major concerns when getting into Temtem was running out of money (in the game). Or as it’s called in Temtem, Pansuns. The Pokémon games I loved in my younger years had a limited amount of cash you could acquire, which meant you had to be careful what you spent it on. Because Temtem is an MMO, having a limited amount of money with no way to make more would seriously hinder the freedom players have in the game.

Thankfully, those concerns have been put to rest. Tamers can make money in Temtem a few different ways. The most obvious way is by winning battles against NPC tamers. You can also sell items you find lying around the Airborne Archipelago – some items have no use other than to be sold. But both of these money-making schemes are limited.

So, how do you make money in Temtem?

Once you reach the second island in the Airborne Archipelago, Omninesia, you’ll discover the FreeTem! Organization. It campaigns for Temtem to be able to roam free instead of being locked inside TemCards. It’s also going to be an endless source of income for you. Each time you capture and then release a Temtem, FreeTem will reward you with money.

To get your Pansuns, you need to visit the FreeTem! Organization in its headquarters next to the Breeding Center. Once there, talk to the FreeTem! Coordinator behind the desk. This works retroactively, so you can start releasing Temtem before you get to the second island.

The amount of Pansuns you get per Temtem is more than the price of a TemCard. So, you will make a profit from FreeTem. If you use a TemCard+ on harder to catch Temtem, you will make less money. More than one TemCard+ and you’re probably even going to lose money. So, stick to regular TemCards.

If you release a certain number of Temtem in a week, FreeTem will also reward you with a special item or two. The number is high (around 200), but it’s something to work towards. And you may as well catch and release as many as you can – it’s only going to make you more money.

Which Temtem should you release?

If you’re familiar with Single Value (SVs) stats in the game, you’ll know which Temtem you capture have the potential to be the most powerful and which ones are wimps. If you’re not familiar with SVs, check out our guide because you don’t want to be releasing Temtem that could serve you down the line. Basically, any Temtem that doesn’t have an excellent spread of SVs or at least one max SV (50) can be released to make you money. Any Temtem with one max SV can be used for breeding.

Now that you know catching and releasing Temtem makes you money, you’re going to stop knocking out wild Temtem. Instead, you’ll capture as many as you can. A good thing to know is that when you capture a Temtem, your Temtem on the battlefield still get an increase to their Training Values (TVs), as will your Temtem that is equipped with the Coward’s Cloak.

How to make even more money in Temtem

Not all Temtem are valued equally by the FreeTem! Organization. There are two factors FreeTem uses to determine how much money you are rewarded with. The first is the catch rate of the Temtem (or its rarity in the wild), and the other is its level. Fortunately, you don’t need to do the math yourself. There’s a list that will show you exactly how much each Temtem is worth.

You can sort the list by the amount of Pansuns you’ll get per release to see which Temtem are the most valuable. But remember, they’re valuable because they’re hard to catch. You’ll probably end up using a lot more TemCards to try and catch them. And that’s going to net you less money.

Reddit user StrategicMagic conducted some research on the most efficient areas to catch Temtem to make Pansuns. They discovered that the most efficient place to farm Pansuns is the grass at the Anak Volcano where you find Magmis and Mastione. To get there you’ll need to first acquire the Rock-hopping hook.

The most efficient place to make money in Temtem

This location is the most efficient due to its lack of variety in Temtem encounters. This makes it easy for you to build a team that will take low amounts of damage. In this case, you want to use Water-types. The lack of variety also lets you ensure you’re using the technique that deals just the right amount of damage to get the Magmis and Mastione’s health low. The lower the health of a wild Temtem, the easier it is to capture. Another reason the location is efficient is that it’s close to a healing station. That’s going to save you a lot of time running back and forth to heal up.

It’s worth noting that Magmis and Mastione both reward an increase in ATK (attack) TVs. So, if you have a Temtem that benefits from increased ATK (like Smazee), you should bring it along for the farm.

A tip for capturing Temtem

Inflicting status conditions like Asleep will also make capturing wild Temtem easier. You might want to consider using this against Mastione – it is harder to catch than Magmis. Plus, Magmis can have the Caffeinated Trait, which makes it immune to the sleep.

If you chose Houchic as your starter Temtem, you can use its Hypnosis or Lullaby to put enemies to sleep. If not, Paharo and its evolutions learn Hypnosis at level five. Toxolotl also has the Hypnosis Technique. Otherwise, Tateru and Adoroboros will both learn Lullaby from leveling up.

The Four-leaf Clover will increase your chances of capturing untamed Temtem. It’s a good idea to pick it up from Aguamarina Caves once you acquire the Crystal Skates. The Ice Cube you get from the Mokupuni Dojo is also great to pick up before heading to the Magmis and Mastione farming location. It reduces damage from Fire Techniques by 20%, which will let you battle longer before having to return to the healing station. And finally, Pansunscreen will protect your Temtem from the Burned status condition – handy against Fire-types like Magmis and Mastione.

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