Chinese New Year 2020: Best E-Commerce Sites to Buy Products From China to Get Delivery in India.


AliExpress, DealExtreme, Banggood, and Gearbest are amongst the popular options for you.

Chinese New Year 2020 celebrations have started today, on January 25. The 15-day festival, which is also known as Lunar New Year — referred to as the Spring Festival in mainland China, is widely observed by the Chinese population. But with the expansion of Internet, various non-Chinese people have also started celebrating the Chinese New Year. One of the reasons for its celebration is the attractive deals and offers that are provided by major Chinese e-commerce sites. In this article, we’re covering all the popular e-commerce sites that let you buy products from China and get their delivery in India.

Advantages of buying products from Chinese e-commerce sites

Online shoppers often search for products on Chinese e-commerce sites to get massive discounts over what they could avail from their local portals and offline retailers. Some of the popular e-commerce sites that deliver products to India directly from China even offer money-back guarantee and have free shipping policy. Customers have also provided with the option to switch between Chinese yuan and US dollars. Further, Chinese e-commerce sites include a large catalogue of products, with a range of brand options to choose from.

E-commerce sites in China often list the products that are yet to be available in global markets. This means that through those sites you can order the products that aren’t available in markets like India through an official channel. Similarly, you can avail discounts during Chinese festivals such as the Chinese New Year.

Top e-commerce sites to buy products from China


AliExpress is one of the most popular e-commerce sites to buy products from China. Owned by Internet giant Alibaba, the e-commerce site lists most of the product categories that once would see on an online retail site and includes a wide range of products. You can also visit AliExpress to buy products from brands such as Xiaomi, Starcam, and Mijobs among others.

Customers purchasing products from AliExpress for the first time can avail additional discounts. The site also has a 35-Day Buyer Protection programme that is aimed to offer money-back guarantee on select products. Further, it offers free shipping to India and has the option to receive fast delivery through EMS and DHL. You can also choose between US dollars, Chinese yuan, and Indian rupees as the currency option for the listed products.


If you don’t want to go AliExpress, you can look at DealExtreme ( The online marketplace has a wide range of product departments, including Phones and Accessories, Consumer Electronics, Computer and Office, Automobiles and Motorcycles, and Apparels and Watches among others. Just like AliExpress, you can also purchase branded items from companies such as Xiaomi, Ulefone, and Umi among others. A dedicated Chinese New Year Celebration section has additionally be listed to provide fresh offers on a variety of products alongside offering dedicated New Year coupons and additional discounts.

DealExtreme provides free shipping to India through a standard delivery channel on most of the products. Customers are also given a detailed description of the product they want to buy. Additionally, there are customer ratings available on each product listed on the site. There is also expedite delivery option on select products along with the ability to track your shipments online.


Banggood is also a popular e-commerce site that delivers products directly from China to markets including India. The site has product categories such as Mobile Phones and Accessories, Automobiles and Motorcycles, Electronics, Home Appliances, Men’s Clothing, Women’s Clothing, and Health and Beauty. It also offers products from brands such as Blitzwolf, Huawei, Foxeer, Ulefone, and Xiaomi. Moreover, Banggood has a dedicated microsite for the Chinese New Year to offer additional discounts on products such as 3D printers, projectors, and smartphones, along with separate discount coupons.

Customers on Banggood have the option to choose the shipping region of their products alongside selecting the preferred shipment channel. It charges a shipping fee on the listed products and offers an estimated delivery time between 10-20 business days for most of the listed products. Customers can view the prices in Chinese yuan, US dollars, or Indian rupees. The site accepts payments through Indian payment platforms such as Paytm, RuPay, and UPI alongside cash on delivery (COD). Furthermore, there is a 30-day refund, replacement, and return policies — depending upon which product you order.


Just like AliExpress, DealExtreme, and Banggood, Gearbest is also a decent option to buy goods directly from China. It has categories such as Appliances, Cell Phones and Accessories, Computers, Tablets, and Office, Consumer Electronics, Home and Garden, Shoes and Apparels, and Watches and Jewelry among others. The site also lists various brands and hosts sales and pre-order deals to persuade customers at first glance. Further, customers can choose Indian rupee as the default currency to view the listed prices — without doing separate any currency conversations.

Gearbest charges a shipping fee for most of the listed products and provides an estimated shipping time between seven to 7 days on average. Customers can make their payments using a PayPal account or through a Visa card. Gearbest offers a 30-day “unconditional refund guarantee” for unopened and unused items. It is also touted to provide a competitive warranty on most of the listed products.

Why should you avoid ordering products from China

One of the major disadvantages of purchasing products from e-commerce sites delivering products from China is the risk of getting counterfeit items. There are many fake brands that leverage the ease of selling online and offer sham products. You should also be aware of online frauds while using online payments on e-commerce sites and make sure that the online store you’re visiting to place your order must have appropriate security measures. Adding to that, ordering high-value products from markets like China often attract heavy import taxes and customs duties.

Getting back to customs duties, you will not be charged by buying. Small, cheap items generally pass by customs without any duty. But for more expensive products, say, like a phone, the courier company usually charges the relevant duty while delivering, and you are expected to upload KYC documents on the courier company’s site before the order is delivered to you. In some cases, the product can be held at the customs office, and buyers will have to clear the additional customs duty there.

You should always verify the price of the product you want from China by visiting online portals such as Amazon or Flipkart to see the actual discounts you’re getting from the Chinese store. Many times, you’d get the same or even low prices through an Indian e-commerce site as well. You should also check for the return policy and calculate the shipping charges you need to pay for placing the order.

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