Destiny 2 servers are down

Destiny 2 servers are down due to a bugged update which deleted infusion materials, here’s when you can play again

Update 3 – January 28, 8pm EST:

The most recent update from Bungie Help says the development team is continuing to roll back accounts, and that Destiny 2 servers are expected to come online at 7pm PT / 10pm ET.

Update 2 – January 28, 4pm EST:

According to the Bungie Help Twitter feed, the fix mentioned previously is still being tested. The game will remain offline until it works. Expect another update within an hour.

Original story – January 28, 2:30pm EST:

Destiny 2 servers are down for emergency maintenance following a bugged update which accidentally deleted a boatload of infusion materials and other currencies from players’ inventories.

The game was taken offline at 1:05pm EST on Tuesday, January 28, shortly after the update went live. Players immediately took to Reddit and Twitter to report the bug, which reportedly ate anywhere from five to 5,000 of certain materials, including Legendary Shards, Glimmer, Ascendant Shards, Ascendant Prisms, and Enhancement Cores.

At 2:01pm EST, the Bungie Help Twitter announced that “We believe we have identified the cause of this issue and are working on a fix internally. Destiny 2 will continue to be offline until we have a better understanding of the timeline for this fix.” The studio said another update will be issued by 3pm EST.

So if you had a stack of 972 Enhancement Cores, which can stack up to 999, the bug would’ve dropped that down to 27. If you had 48 out of 50 Enhancement Prisms, you’d be left with two since they can stack up to 50.

It’s unclear what exactly caused this bug, but it seems to be systematic, not random, so it should hopefully be relatively easy to fix. The Eververse currency Silver was hit with a similar issue in the past, and Bungie was able to restore the game fairly quickly in that instance, so this ought to be patched up soon.

We’ll update this story as Bungie releases more information and as the game is brought back online.

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