Timex is releasing a GPS smartwatch with 25 days of battery life


It’s $120 on Timex’s website

Timex, the company that made those plastic watches you probably wore when you were a kid, has announced a new addition to its lineup of Ironman GPS trackers.

The Timex Ironman R300 GPS is available now on Timex’s website for $120.

Timex is touting the R300 as its first smartwatch, but it has sold fitness trackers with smart features — including a touchscreen, GPS, speed and distance tracking, phone calls, and the ability to upload workout data — in the past.

Still, labels aside, it’s fair to say that this is Timex’s most advanced smartwatch to date. It provides guided workouts from “top athletes and coaches,” an always-on display, and sleep tracking. It also sports a whopping 25 days of battery life, according to the company, though that drops down to 20 hours if you’ve got GPS turned on. And it’s water-resistant to 30 meters, so you can even wear it swimming if need be.

If this device is good, which we won’t know until we’ve tested it ourselves, it could offer many of the same features as the best GPS watches at a lower price point.

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