Fortnite may soon feature a survival LTM with infected players


Epic may be planning to release another major Limited Time Mode (LTM) in its battle royale game Fortnite, at least according to a new leak. Details on the alleged upcoming LTM were found in game code, hinting at a new mode that involves two teams of players, one that is in some way ‘infected’ and potentially operating as zombies. The other team will be tasked with surviving, at least based on the leak.

The latest leak comes from the data-mining account “FireMonkey,” which shared multiple screenshots of game code detailing things like ‘survivors,’ ‘infected,’ ‘heartbeat,’ ‘TeamInfected,’ ‘DoubleJump,’ and ‘Scream.’ The content is listed as part of an LTM with the term ‘Arsenic.Infected,’ which may hint at the name of the future LTM, assuming Epic plans to release one.

Though it’s impossible to tell exactly what Epic has planned — assuming it has anything planned — the discovery could hint at a future survival-based LTM that splits players into two teams, one that plays as Survivors and the other that plays as Infected. The infected players may have some unique abilities, including growls, screams, and the ability to double jump.

This could make the ‘Infected’ LTM something like a proper zombie survival game, differing from past modes and game changes that involved the Husk rift monsters that would attack players. The mode may function similarly to Team Rumble, meaning players respawn and are drawn increasingly closer to each other due to the Storm, or it may be a ‘last team standing’ type of game.

As with any game code discovery, it is possible that the findings don’t reveal what they seem to reveal or that Epic has decided not to proceed with the mode, assuming it was ever planned. If such a mode were to ever appear in the game, it’s unclear when it would be released, though the discovery indicates that it would around during Chapter 2, Season 2.

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