How to complete the Fortnite Deadpool challenges

The Fortnite Deadpool skin eludes us still.
Fortnite Deadpool challenges

Now that Fortnite Chapter 2 season 2 has arrived, there’s a Fortnite Deadpool skin on the way. Following a big delay, the first phase of the battle royale game’s rebirth was an extremely long one, but our patience has finally been rewarded, in the shape of a popular superhero cosmetic. You can spot the fourth-wall-breaking masked murderer right at the end of the trailer further down this page, bathing in a pool of V-Bucks.

There are some surprises to be found in the brand new battle pass trailer, and in the refreshed menu. In the footage released by Epic—which you can watch below a Deadpool Fortnite skin is revealed, but you won’t be unlocking Wade in the traditional way. So, here’s how to complete the Fortnite Deadpool challenges to appear to pave the way towards unlocking the skin.

How to start the Fortnite Deadpool skin challenges
Fortnite Deadpool challenges

Once you launch the refreshed battle pass menu, just above and to the right of the challenges table in the middle is a little vent: click on it to get started on the secret Fortnite Deadpool challenges.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll find a supremely messy room only the Merc with the Mouth could abide. Click on the computer on the right and you’ll be presented with some hidden challenges. Here are all of them so far:

Fortnite Deadpool challenges
Find Deadpool's letter to Epic Games
Don't thank the bus driver
Find Deadpool's milk carton
Find Deadpool's chimichangas around HQ
Find Deadpool's toilet plunger
Destroy toilets

The first is to find the Fortnite Deadpool letter to Epic Games. Exit the computer screen and you’ll be able to interact with the letter on the ground to the left of the monitor.

Once you’ve enjoyed the crazed writings of Wade himself, returning to the computer will give you your second challenge: not thanking the bus driver; He might be a murderer, but I never realised he was impolite. Anyway, resist your instinctive good manners in your next match to bag yourself a new banner. Once that’s done there are further misplaced items Wade wants finding.

Fortnite Deadpool challenges

Next is the Deadpool milk carton: snag that on top of the urinal in Wade’s man cave. Then start your hunt for the chimichangas. The three tortilla treats can be found in and around the various new parts of the battle royale menu. Above is a screenshot gallery showing you all their locations.

After that you need to find the Fortnite toilet plunger. Shockingly Wade doesn’t know where his cleaning tools are at all times. Once that’s done you need to destroy three toilets in battle royale. Naturally they’re found in residential areas, so head to Pleasant Park to get yourself up to date.

Fortnite Deadpool challenges
Note: you must do the challenges in the above order; only when the first is completed, the second one is available to tick off, and so on.

Of course, Deadpool isn’t the first Marvel ‘hero’ to make it into Fortnite. We got to enjoy playing as Thanos in a memorable MCU crossover mode, but hopefully this time the Merc with the Mouth will have the emotes and cosmetic trimmings to fully express his zany personality.

Fortnite Deadpool challenges

Wilson appears alongside a wide array of fresh skins. Including the upsettingly buff Meowscles the anthropomorphic feline. Comes a little too soon after the recent Cats film, thank you very much. The other skins are also featured in the trailer, surrounding what looks like a hologram of the game’s map. Regardless, there’s plenty to be excited about if your cosmetics wardrobe could do with a little refresh.

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