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According to Twitter, what makes their platform so desirable is the ability to share your thoughts and feelings in seconds, where you can just pull up Twitter on your computer, phone, or tablet, type in a quick message, and you’re all good to go. However, what if you didn’t want to post anything just yet? What if you wanted to schedule it for later?

In the past, Twitter users would have to turn to third-party apps and services, but if you’re more of an “official” features kind of user, you’re in luck as Twitter has since introduced a native way for users to schedule their tweets.

How To Schedule Your Tweets On The Web

–> Go to Twitter’s website

–> Click the Tweet button

–> Type in your tweet

–> Click the icon that looks like a calendar with a clock

–> Select the date and time you want the tweet to be publish

–> Click Confirm

–> Click Schedule

If you’d like to edit tweets that you have scheduled or delete them:

–> Click the Tweet button

–> Click Unsent Tweets

–> Go to the Scheduled tab

–> Click on the tweet if you want to edit its contents

–> Click on the Edit button and select the tweets and click the Delete button at the bottom right corner to delete them

How To Schedule Your Tweets On Mobile

While native apps and features are ideal, since they are almost always guaranteed to work, the problem with Twitter’s current scheduling feature is that it is web-only.

This means that if you primarily tweet from your phone, you will either need to visit Twitter’s website on your mobile phone’s browser, or download a third-party app like Buffer.

How To Schedule Tweets With Buffer

Buffer, for those unfamiliar, is a social media manager app that lets you manage multiple social media accounts and platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, for example.

You can share posts directly to your social media accounts, as well as schedule them. Download it for iOS or Android if you haven’t done so already.

–> Launch Buffer and connect your Twitter account
–> Tap the + button at the bottom of the screen
–> Type in your tweet and tap Share
–> Select Schedule Post and choose a date and time you want the tweet to be published
–> Tap Confirm

We should point out that while Buffer is great for sending and scheduling tweets, it does not let you view your Twitter timeline. This means that if you want to browse tweets on your phone, you will have to either use the Twitter app to do so.

The upside is that the platform does let you juggle multiple social media platforms and accounts at once, making it ideal for social media influencers or managers.

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