1Password Introduces Virtual Cards for Safer Online Payments


A partnership with Privacy.com allows 1Password users to create a different virtual card for every merchant.

Entering credit or debit card details online always requires trusting the merchant will keep your details safe. However, 1Password is removing the need to trust anyone else by offering to create virtual cards instead.

Through a partnership with Privacy.com, 1Password users now have the option of keeping their real card details hidden and paying with a virtual card. It’s possible to make a new virtual card for every service used, and to place a limit on how much can be spent per month or year, or just limit the card to completing a one-off payment. Each card is locked to a particular merchant making it impossible to be used elsewhere, meaning a data breach and stolen card details should no longer result in panic and a phone call to the bank.

Privacy.com offers virtual cards itself called Privacy Cards, but integration with 1Password allows users to combine two of the most important online security features: keeping your payment details and passwords safe. For now, the virtual cards feature is limited to users in the US, but Privacy.com is planning to expand its service to other countries in future.

As an extra incentive to try the virtual cards, 1Password is currently offering a 25 percent discount for new customers. It means an individual account costs $2.24 per month for the first year before increasing to $2.99. 1Password Families accounts enjoy the same discount and cost $3.74 per month for the first year ($4.99 after that). With a Families account, up to five family members can use the service. Privacy.com is also offering three months of Privacy Pro for free to 1Password users.

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