Pokemon Go AR Mapping Tasks Feature Requires Players to Scan PokeStops, Nearby Areas for Rewards


Pokemon Go AR Mapping tasks can be accepted once per PokeStop per day and are only available to trainers who are level 20 or higher.

Pokemon Go has got a new AR Mapping tasks feature that will show up on some PokeStops. This will allow players to physically explore the area around a PokeStop to complete a task. The development was shared on the official website and Twitter, along with a YouTube video explaining how the feature works. The AR Mapping tasks feature was first announced back in May and has now finally made its way to the game. At the time of launch, however, this feature will not be available to all players.

Pokemon Go AR Mapping tasks: How it works

The video shared by Niantic, the developers of the game, on the official Pokemon Go website and YouTube shows players, or ‘trainers’ as they are called in the game, can now receive interactive tasks from certain PokeStops and Gyms. After receiving such a task by spinning the PokeStops icon, players will need to use the AR scanning screen that will ask trainers to scan the world around them. They will be required to explore the area around them or another PokeStop within a certain radius. Once the task is completed, trainers will be rewarded. This task will count as a Field Research Task.

There will be one AR Mapping task per PokeStop per day. Niantic says that AR Mapping tasks will be available to trainers who are level 20 and above. It is not available to players using Niantic Kids account, but parents will be able to enable this feature in the future. No date has been mentioned for when this will be implemented.

According to the AR Mapping tasks explainer on the website, there are certain things players will need to keep in mind, like a 20 to 30 second scan that has the complete PokeStop in the centre of the frame will give a good PokeStop scan. A consistent movement speed will also help, and if possible, players should walk 360 degrees around the PokeStop for best results.

According to a report by Engadget, Niantic first shared that it was working on improving Pokemon Go’s augmented reality features back in May. Trainers would be required to scan locations that would allow the developers to make a 3D map of a PokeStop, further allowing interaction between real world objects and Pokemon.

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