Samsung Smartphone Users Can Now Use Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons To Operate The Camera


Galaxy smartphones can actually be used with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. But what do they do? Well, you can use the controllers as camera shutters.

This is not all that groundbreaking as most smartphones can connect with Joy-Con controllers, but not all of them use the buttons on the controller to control the camera.

The feature was discovered by a Reddit user Byotan who realized that pairing a Galaxy smartphone with a Joy-Con is conveniently easy and lets you control the camera. For starters, once the controller is paired with the controller, pressing the A button on it will allow you to take the picture; X and Y buttons are used for zooming in and out. This feature should work on almost any Galaxy smartphone running Android.

The processor of pairing the Joy-Con to your Galaxy smartphone is fairly easy too. You have to turn the Bluetooth on, activate the pairing process on one of the Joy-Con controllers, and then select the active controller in the phone’s Bluetooth menu. Once you are connected, you are good to go.

It is worth noting though that the feature only works with the stock camera app, which means that if you are using 3rd-party camera apps, this feature is more than likely not going to work.

Now, not a lot of us in India have a Nintendo Switch + joy-cons lying around the house but for those who do, its definitely nice having a remote shutter, and if you have a Switch Joy-Con around, why not go ahead and use this feature.

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