PUBG Mobile India Could Relaunch as ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’


PUBG Mobile developers have not shared any official information on the relaunch for the game in India.

PUBG Mobile India may soon relaunch in the country as Battlegrounds Mobile India, as indicated by the company’s official Facebook page, YouTube channel, and India website. After the battle royale game’s ban in India in September last year, fans have been eagerly waiting for a relaunch and publisher Krafton has been working to bring it back to India. Now, there might be some development on that front as some changes have been observed on the company’s social media account. Additionally, there was an alleged teaser trailer for the Indian version of PUBG Mobile as well that was deleted soon after being uploaded.

PUBG Mobile, along with 117 other apps, was banned in India in September last year. Since its release in 2018, the game had gathered a huge fan base and players were quite disheartened to hear the ban news. Ever since then, there have been attempts to bring the game back with some changes to cater to the Indian audience, but with no definite outcome. With that said, PUBG Mobile India’s official Facebook page shows “@BattlegroundsMobileIN” suggesting that the game may relaunch as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Furthermore, there is another account on Facebook called Battlegrounds Mobile India which claims to be the official PUBG Mobile India account for the game but is not verified. It also has a banner photo showing the name of the game – Battlegrounds Mobile India along with “Coming Soon.” The page also links to PUBG Mobile India website which, again, only says “Coming Soon.”

Late last month, some PUBG Mobile India YouTube subscribers received notifications (1, 2) of a new 6-second teaser video uploaded to the official channel which was quickly removed. It reportedly had the title “All New PUBG MOBILE coming to India #1.”

It should be noted that PUBG Corporation or Krafton have not shared any information on the release of PUBG Mobile in India. The fate of the game is still a mystery but with the recent developments, PUBG Mobile fans could have something to look forward to.

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