Kirby: Discovery, Bayonetta 3 Release Date Window Revealed on Nintendo’s Japanese Website


A couple of nice surprises have popped up on Nintendo’s Japanese website: a new game called Kirby: Discovery and the Bayonetta 3 release date window have been revealed.

Let’s kick things off with Bayonetta 3 — this game was first revealed all the way back at The Game Awards 2017 as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. PlatinumGames recently talked about how it was anxious to show off its work, but it seems that Nintendo is playing its cards close to its chest for now.

Now, it looks like we’ll get to see the next Bayonetta game within the next few months (barring any additional delays): we now have a somewhat better idea of the Bayonetta 3 release date as reported by Gematsu.

When is the Bayonetta 3 Release Date?

The Bayonetta 3 release date will be sometime in 2022 as noted on the release schedule on Nintendo’s Japanese website; sadly, we don’t have a more specific release date just yet.

Unfortunately, it looks like things are a bit out of sorts over on the Japanese Nintendo website, too — the listing links to a blog post that is broken at the time of writing, so it looks like this reveal might have popped up on the release schedule a bit early.

Bayonetta 3 release date window aside, there was another neat surprise in the mix: a new Kirby game called Kirby: Discovery was revealed on Nintendo’s Japanese release schedule, too.

Unfortunately, that, too links to a blog post that is broken at the time of writing, so all we can do is infer what we can about the game from its cover art. We see Kirby standing in an abandoned city looking into the distance. It may very well be a 3D game, too, as we had previously heard rumors of a new 3D Kirby game last year when Kirby Fighters 2 launched.

When is the Kirby: Discovery Release Date Window?

The Kirby: Discovery release date window will be sometime in Spring 2022. While we might be waiting a while longer to play Bayonetta 3, we can rest assured that we’re likely getting a new Kirby game within the next six months or so.

Odds are, we’ll be hearing more about these upcoming games (and possibly others, like the Castlevania Advance Collection) when the next Nintendo Direct arrives later today. Either way, a new Bayonetta game and a new Kirby game shows that Nintendo already has some great games lined up for next year. Let’s hope we get an update on Metroid Prime 4’s development sometime soon, too.

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