Mega Man Artist Keiji Inafune Creating ‘Beastroid’ NFT Collection


Longtime Mega Man artist and producer (and Mighty No. 9 creator) Keiji Inafune has revealed his next project: Beastroid, an NFT collection that will be minted in Q2 2022.

Keiji Inafune spent decades as the man behind many of the iconic characters in the Mega Man franchise, a series of video games that is reportedly getting a movie over at Netflix. He also created a spiritual successor called Mighty No. 9 that unfortunately failed to live up to the high expectations of fans. The next project from Inafune has finally been revealed, and it’s not going to be a game — he’s creating an NFT collection.

All About The Beastroid NFT Collection from Mega Man Artist Keiji Inafune

As VGC reports, Keiji Inafune is creating the Beastroid NFT collection. Based on what we’ve seen, he’ll be selling iconic robot designs done in a similar style to the Mega Man robots we know and love.

A total of four Beastroids have been revealed thus far: Hyena Slasher, Tabby the Long Tail (seen in our header image), Frill Dragon, and Hippo Launcher. A total of 2,620 NFTs will be created, although I have my doubts that Inafune is creating over 2,000 unique robots.

The Beastroid project also makes mention of a “Robo-Arena,” but don’t get too excited — this isn’t a new Mega Man game or anything of the like. Although it is described as “an adventure beyond your wildest imagination,” the F.A.Q. on the official Beastroid page on Polkafantasy shows us the sad reality:

Robo-Arena is a leaderboard to gather all special NFT holders. Collectors can check the rarity and ranking of their special NFTs. Each and every one of the special NFTs has a unique ID.

Special NFT holders are entitled to receive a premium physical card. Stay tuned for more details!

The sole upside of this project is that the robot designs do look pretty cool. Considering that they’re NFTs, though, you’re probably going to have to pay an arm and a leg to actually secure one of these things. If it’s just the art you care about, though, you’ll probably be able to see most (if not all) of it publicly at some point in the future.

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