Protodroid DeLTA to be Published by Humble Games


The digital game market platform Humble Bundle has made a huge publishing decision. This is a result of the company’s Black Game Dev Fund, which was created with the intent of supporting black game creators. In a recent tweet, Humble Bundle has announced that it will publish Protodroid DeLTA through its Humble Games label, supported by the Black Game Dev Fund and created by Adam Kareem, a member of the group Black Voices In Gaming. The game is currently scheduled for release sometime in 2023 for PC via Steam.

With the support of both Humble Bundle and the Black Game Dev Fund, Protodroid DeLTA will have significant aid during development. Inspired by the Mega Man X series, it is a third-person shooting game with platforming, character progression, and the choice to complete the game’s stages in whatever order players choose. It is set in a Solarpunk world, a genre that is defined by technology built around solar power. Players will take on the role of a highly advanced android named DeLTA who goes on a journey to defeat rogue androids called Vypers in order to protect humanity and redefine their perception of AI.

It is created by the solo dev Adam Kareem, a member of Black Voices In Gaming. This is a non-profit organization based in California with the goal of promoting and supporting members of the Black, Indigenous, and other People Of Color (BIPOC) community. Originally started in 2020 during the MIX-produced showcase Guerrilla Collective, it has grown significantly and now has over 20 different developers on their roster. They have also started the Accelerator Program and Fund, which is designed to provide their creators with financial aid and resources. You can see Black Voices in Gaming make an appearance during the Guerilla Collective stream on June 11th.

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