Demonschool, A Persona Inspired Tactics RPG, Announced


Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of Persona-likes out there, but now fans have a new one to try, Demonschool, announced at the PC Gaming Show. Described as a school-life tactics RPG, Demonschool is inspired by Italian horror films and made by Brandon Sheffield. Think of it like Into the Breach meets Persona.

You play Faye, the last living member of a well-known demon hunter family. Their exploits see them fighting possessed students, Yakuza performing summoning rituals, and of course a demon army is invading.

Demonschool takes place on an island, with a lot of nooks and crannies to explore. The visuals are inspired by Italian horror films, so plan to see some spooky style around every corner.

Like Persona, you team up with some fellow classmates, each with their own unique abilities. Over the course of a semester, you get to choose the friends you hang out with and what you study. You’ll spend a ton of time outside of school and fighting demons just hanging out around the island as well. As you work on those relationships, your classmates get more powerful.

The tactics combat utilizes movement to affect combat to make for streamlined, fast-paced battles. Demonschool uses a grid-based system for the battlefield that encourages constant movement to have the best effects.

You can rewind attacks if you change your mind, and queue up all your characters’ movements and attacks beforehand and execute them all at once to see the mayhem flash across your screen. In those moments you can set up powerful combos from one characters attacks to another as they move across the battlefield.

Demonschool is set to release next year for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PC, and the Steam Deck.

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