Starly Featured in Pokemon GO July 2022 Community Day


Not only a popular AR game, Pokemon GO is one of the most successful in the Pokemon franchise and has a new event coming up. Every month, the game hosts a Community Day which changes the game in different ways with the biggest being featured Pokemon. This July, the Pokemon GO Community Day will have Starly as their headlining Pokemon. Players will have improved chances to catch one among other bonuses.

The Pokemon GO Starly Community Day

Unlike other Pokemon games, Pokemon GO plays differently but has a large community of players. Since location and weather conditions play a huge part in what Pokemon are available to catch, certain days and events can be highly anticipated to boost specific encounter rates. For the July 2022 Community Day, the game will be featuring Starly with players having more chances to catch them and encounter shiny versions. Players won’t have to head to specific areas or wait for the right weather as Starly will simply appear in the wild.

On top of Starly’s presence, there will also be some other bonuses players will receive on Community Day. They include increased XP earning and more Candy for catching Pokemon. When catching a Starly, players can earn twice as much XL Candy. Another bonus will be applied to both Lure Modules and Incense making it last three hours longer to better effect encounters. Players will also be able to do an additional Special Trade and if they start early, they’ll be able to get in a total of three for the day. In terms of regular trades, their Stardust costs will be reduced by half. Lastly, the devs encourage players to take plenty of snapshots for a yet to be revealed surprise.

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