Monster Hunter Rise Update Adds New Content And Mechanics


The epic fantasy adventure Monster Hunter Rise keeps growing especially with this brand new patch. This update will be affecting both the Steam and Nintendo Switch versions of the game. Called Ver. and Ver.10.0.2 respectively, they’ll be adding changes that affect all major elements of the game. They’ll also be adding additional changes for the Sunbreak expansion.

While the original version was released for the Switch in 2021, a PC version of Monster Hunter Rise came the following year. Being the next entry in the Monster Hunter series, it added a lot of new content involving new environments, monsters, and new mechanics. It soon got an expansion in Sunbreak and now both parts of the game are getting patched. The patch will be adding updates to various elements like the story, overall system, and mechanics. It’s advised for players to make sure that they have adequate space to support the update with its 10.1GB size.

The patch will be adding many new pieces to the base version of Monster Hunter Rise. They include adding more space to the player inventory and equipment box which now will come with a Talisman lock feature. The camera now comes with a photoshoot option as well and its sliding issue for Gunners has been fixed. For movement, players will be able to perform a wall-run without needing to Wiredash to it. For technical gameplay changes, certain monsters have had their hitboxes adjusted, small monsters are easier to stagger, Wyvern Riding has been made easier, and base UI has been updated to better control the cursor.

The Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Update

In terms of the expansion, Sunbreak has many new changes coming to it. For progression, there will be a new story to undertake, a Master Rank for players to attain, new bases to visit, new monsters to hunt, and new trees for all related gear and skills. The system will be updated to have new character creation pieces, skill loadouts, smithy and canteen features, and Guild elements. Weapons are being altered to all have skill swap and swap evade as well as getting new combos which players can practice in the new training area. The Buddies will also be getting a full range of new gear, commands, support moves, and skills. Players will also now be able to work up to and undertake Master Rank missions.

It’s clear that those behind Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak have plenty of ideas to expand upon the game. If future updates are big as this one, players will need to start reserving space.

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