[Rumor] Black Panther Open World Game Apparently In Development


Rumors have begun to swirl that a new Black Panther open-world game could be in development. Supposedly, the game will cast you as a brand new Black Panther who takes the mantle after the previous one dies, and it’ll be a single-player game created by former Monolith folks.

What do we know about this rumored Black Panther open-world game?

With the recent teaser trailer reveal for Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever still fresh in many people’s minds, now seems like the perfect time for a rather exciting Black Panther rumor to start circulating. According to Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb (via Nibel on Twitter), a Black Panther open-world game is coming. Right now, the game is titled Project Rainier, although that’ll likely turn out to be a codename in the manner of 11 bit’s Project Vitriol or Frogwares’ Project Palianytsia.

According to Grubb, the new Black Panther open-world project will be helmed by former Monolith VP Kevin Stephens, and it’ll be published by EA. The game will be a single-player project in which you’ll be crowned the new Black Panther after the previous one passes away. It’s not clear whether that means you’ll play as T’Challa taking the reins from T’Chaka, or a brand new Black Panther taking on the title after T’Challa dies. The game is apparently pretty early in development, so it might be some time before we learn more about it (assuming, of course, that it’s real in the first place).

Black Panther is overdue a great video game

The Black Panther character is long overdue an all-time classic video game to match his highly-regarded appearance in Marvel’s Black Panther movie. While the character does appear in the rock-solid Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, his turn as the focus of the Marvel’s Avengers expansion War for Wakanda was much more coolly received. The character’s cultural cachet has increased massively since 2018 when the late Chadwick Boseman gave an incredibly memorable performance as T’Challa. It’s about time for the character to get a starring role in his own game as well.

We’ll have to wait and see what EA officially announces with regard to this Black Panther open-world game. It would be great to get to explore a fully-realized Wakanda in a single-player-focused game, so here’s hoping that the rumors hold true.

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