Intense Combat and Gliding Showcased in Wild Hearts Gameplay Trailer


Within the new seven-minute Wild Hearts gameplay trailer, we see the thrilling combat sequence between the wild Kemono and the hunter, gliding through the sky on the Gliding Star, and some beautiful and treacherous hunting grounds for players to traverse.

Wild Hearts is heading to the players in February 2023, and the new gameplay trailer shows off some of the neat features we can look forward to. The first thing that immediately catches the eye of the viewers is the monsters. Wild Hearts has brought a refreshing take on the hunt; with monsters the size of small buildings, you can go from being the hunter to the hunted in an instant if you aren’t careful.

Within the trailer, we see that the landscapes look stunning and vast as if there is no beginning and no end to the world. Players are also able to build their very own camps and structures to the landscape, adding even more depth to seemingly endless gameplay. More so, the trailer shows the hunter placing a large zipline onto the ground and attaching it to a cliffside nearby, which allows the hunter to reach never before seen heights. We also see that there almost seem to be no boundaries, as the hunter scales mountains with ease and builds jumping points to climb to the peak. This is where the real fun begins.

The first look at the giant creatures that roam these lands almost takes your breath away with their sheer size and design. We see a large boar-like creature with tusks the size of school buses and foliage growing from its skin notice the hunter and screech menacingly as it begins to charge. This beginning combat sequence alone is enough to captivate you.

Players will then be able to begin hacking, slashing, jumping high into the air, and pounding the creatures into oblivion. We see that in order to survive these encounters, you can’t just point and shoot; you will need to use defensive maneuvers such as ducking and dodging to avoid being stomped into dust by the monsters. This is done in tandem with building structures to use as leverage and jumping-off points to continue slaughtering the wild Kemono. Finally, we see the hunter lose the battle to the monster in question with little warning, which shows you just how quickly the tides can turn.

In cases where the creatures are just too strong for one hunter to handle, you are able to bring along friends to help in the battle with the co-op feature. With several different weapons to choose from, it’s easy to build a perfect team composition to take down even the scariest of monsters. These weapons include ancient technologies that will assist the player in both the combat and traversal of the environment.

Wild Hearts will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X on February 23, 2023.

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