God of War Ragnarok Update Has Some Disappointing News for Fans


A new update about the future of God of War Ragnarok from the director of the PS4 and PS5 game has some disappointing news for everyone enjoying the critically-acclaimed sequel. The new PlayStation exclusive just came out, but many have already finished it and are wondering if it will be expanded upon with any DLC or expansions. As you may know, the first game didn’t get any DLC or expansions, but other single-player PlayStation exclusives have. In other words, there is some precedence, even if it’s not an overwhelming precedence. Further, it’s the biggest launch in PlayStation history, so there’s certainly a commercial incentive as well. That said, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

Speaking with Kinda Funny Games, the game’s director, Eric Williams, had the following to say when asked about potential DLC: “I don’t know man, [God of War Ragnarok] is big. I think we put everything we had into it, so I wouldn’t count on it.” As you can see, Williams leaves the door open, but it’s been just barely left open.

If the game does get any substantial post-launch content, it will probably be a meaty expansion, as that’s what we’ve seen with the aforementioned games like Ghost of Tsushima and Horizon Zero Dawn. However, we’ve also seen smaller DLC releases with the likes of Marvel’s Spider-Man.

“God of War Ragnarok is not the game that I was expecting it to be, but that’s not a bad thing,” reads the opening of our review of the PS5 version of the game. “Ever since God of War launched back in early 2018, I have been theorizing and hypothesizing about what would end up happening in the sequel. And while some of my wildest dreams of what Ragnarok would be were perhaps a bit more exciting than the game we got, the finished product is still stellar in plenty of ways.”

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