AI, Cloud, and Augmented Reality: Sundar Pichai’s bets for future


Google Search and Google Cloud were among the largest contributors for Alphabet’s growth during the second quarter, the company said while announcing its quarterly results.Greater innovations around artificial intelligence (AI), too, contributed significantly to the company’s performance.

While addressing the media post Alphabet’s earnings announcement, Pichai said that Google made a big bet on AI years ago as it believed it would be transformational for the business and world. The company is still in the early days, yet AI already underpins most helpful products and services.

AI is helping Google create new ways to search. People use Google Lens for visual searches more than 8 billion times per month.

A new feature called multisearch helps people find what they need using words and images at the same time. AI is also helping improve translation. Google has added 24 new languages to Google Translate, spoken by 300 million people.

Last week, Google announced early testing of AR prototypes in real-world scenarios. The company’s investments in commerce is a way to deliver experiences to the customer with the use of AR. People are shopping across Google more than 1 billion times each day, Pichai said in the conference after the earnings call

YouTube Shorts are watched by over 1.5 billion signed-in users every month with more than 30 billion daily views. In Q2, YouTube TV surpassed 5 million subscribers, including trialers. There’s also a lot of potential for shopping on YouTube, Pichai belives.

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