ChatGPT’s Awaited App for Android Gets Release Date for Next Week


ChatGPT is finally coming to Android soon. OpenAI announced over the weekend that Android users will be able to use the much-awaited ChatGPT app on their devices, starting next week. The company behind the latest generative AI platform ChatGPT has has watched it amass a cult-like following on the Web between November 2022 and April this year. OpenAI released its app for iOS users in May, but Android smartphone owners will soon be able to download the official ChatGPT app on their handsets.

Ahead of the launch of the ChatGPT app for Android, OpenAI is allowing people to pre-register to automatically download the app on the Play Store when it is released. “This official app is free, syncs your history across devices, and brings you the newest model improvements from OpenAI,” the app’s description states on the Google Play store.

In order to pre-order ChatGPT for Android, you can open the Play Store on your Android smartphone and search for ChatGPT, then tap on the Install button. You will see a message that the app will automatically install when it is ready. Tap OK to complete the process. You can also tap Unregister if you no longer wish to automatically download ChatGPT for Android.

ChatGPT lets users generate text content by entering queries and prompts related to their desired content. The platform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to scan the web for information relevant to the keywords provided by the user. The app will then provide answers, tailored advice, creative inspiration, professional inputs, and learning opportunities to its users.

After its launch in November 2022, the web version of ChatGPT soon gathered over 100 million registered users. In the last seven months leading to June, the platform is estimated to have generated over 1.6 billion visits on its web platform.

The launch of ChatGPT triggered several big tech players like Meta, Google, and Apple to bring in their own versions of AI-powered chatbots.

Worldwide desktop and mobile traffic to ChatGPT’s website decreased by 9.7 percent in June from May, while unique visitors to ChatGPT’s website dropped 5.7 percent. The amount of time visitors spent on the website was also down 8.5 percent, according to analytics firm Similarweb. Decreasing traffic is a sign of the chatbot’s novelty wearing off, Similarweb’s Senior Insights Manager David Carr had said earlier in July.

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