Twitter Launches Proper ‘Lights Out’ Dark Mode


Twitter is finally rolling out a proper dark mode for its mobile app. The company today announced that the proper battery-saving dark mode dubbed “lights out” is rolling out right away. This has been one of the most requested features from users and it’s good to see that Twitter is doing something with all of that feedback.

Many app developers are actively building proper dark modes into their apps as most flagship smartphones now ship with OLED displays, this includes the new iPhones as well. The dark mode can make a noticeable difference in the power consumption of such displays and can thus prolong the handset’s battery life.

Twitter also points out that a proper black background also helps reduce eye strain particularly when the user is looking at their phone in the dark. That’s something a lot of us tend to do before going to sleep every night.

It’s pertinent to mention here that the lights out dark mode for Twitter’s mobile app is currently rolling out for iOS only. The company hasn’t said at this point in time when the Android version of the app will get it. Twitter hasn’t provided any time frame in which we can expect the mode to come to Android.

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