How To Turn On Voice Control On The iPhone


Apple is a company that prides itself on creating a ton of accessibility features for its customers who might not have otherwise been able to use their products. One of the new accessibility features that Apple introduced to its iOS 13 update comes in the form of a new and more robot Voice Control.

As its name implies, this will allow iOS users to use their voice to control various aspects of their devices, but it is more than that. While Siri already allows users to launch apps and send messages and set reminders, Voice Control on iOS 13 will be able to do more than that.

While it was created as an accessibility feature, it is still pretty cool and useful enough where if you’re so inclined, you can take it for a spin yourself, and here’s how you can turn it on.

How To Turn On iOS 13’s Voice Control

–> If you’re using Voice Control for the first time, you will need to set it up

–> Go to Settings

–> Select Accessibility

–> Tap on Voice Control

–> Tap Set up Voice Control and follow the instructions on the screen

–> Once you’ve gone through the screens, a download will initiate

–> When the download is complete, you will see a blue microphone icon in your status bar. This lets you know that Voice Control is currently listening out for your commands

There are a multitude of commands available for Voice Control, and you can bring them up anytime by saying, “Show me what to say” in case you’re not familiar with them.

How To Turn Off Voice Control

If you’re done using Voice Control and would like to turn it off to stop your phone from listening to you, here’s how you can turn the feature off.

–> Go to Settings

–> Select Accessibility

–> Tap on the Voice Control toggle to turn it off. Once it is off, the toggle will no longer be green and the blue microphone icon will disappear from your status bar.

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