Pokémon Go Devs Working On Cross-Platform Multiplayer AR Feature


Niantic has revealed that it is working on a new AR-enabled multiplayer feature named Buddy Adventure for Pokémon Go. The developers are experimenting with scenarios where players can place and interact with digital objects with separate devices, using test cases like Codename: Neon and Codename: Tonehenge. The upcoming AR feature is based on these test cases.

Buddy Adventure will allow Pokémon Go players to pair with another player using the existing Buddy system. Both players can then go on an adventure in the game. However, details about the said adventure are yet to be revealed. With Buddy Adventure, players can interact with their as well as their buddy’s Pokémon in real time. Another interesting aspect is that the feature will support cross-platform play. So, players can go on adventures irrespective of whether they own an Android smartphone or an iPhone.

Niantic has also revealed some details about its AR platform, especially, its Wayfarer program. The Wayfarer program enables users to suggest real-world locations that will be reviewed and approved by the community for games like Pokémon Go and Ingress. With this, businesses can apply to have their locations included in Niantic’s Wayfarer database, which will be added to in-game maps as ‘Sponsored Locations.’ Along with these, Niantic has showcased its AR occlusion technology that allows AR objects to interact with real-world objects more realistically.

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