Jack Reacher: Amazon Series Casts Titan’s Alan Ritchson in Title Role


Amazon announced the news in a press release on Friday. Ritchson celebrated on his verified Instagram page with a screenshot of an article confirming the news.

Alan Ritchson will play Jack Reacher in the upcoming Amazon TV series based off the book series.

“I guess my joke about not fitting in bathtubs a couple weeks ago really killed at @amazonprimevideo,” the caption says. “This should be fun. #JackReacher @amazon @skydance.”

Season 1 of the Jack Reacher series will cover the events of the novel, The Killing Floor, which was released in 1997 and spawned a series that has sold over 100 million books. The 25th Jack Reacher novel is set to hit bookshelves in October. The series as a whole follows a highly-skilled ex-Army major named Jack Reacher who solves miscellaneous cases across the United States using the techniques he mastered during his time in service.

Nick Santora, who used to write and produce Prison Break, will serve as a writer and showrunner for the Jack Reacher series. The author of the book series is executive producing the Amazon show along with filmmaker Christopher McQuarrie, who recently directed Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher in a theatrically-released movie from 2012.

Ritchson has played Hank Hall on Titans, Raphael in the recent live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, and Thad on Blue Mountain State. He is set to appear in season 3 of Titans and will join a bunch of famous Batman characters.

The Rock recently revealed that he wanted to play Jack Reacher in the 2012 movie, but lost the role to Cruise. IGN’s review of the Jack Reacher movie says, “Cruise is the rare action star who brings both brawn and brains to a role, and he does what he can, but is limited by a mediocre script and clichéd direction.”

A sequel was released starring Cruise in 2016. IGN’s review of the Jack Reacher sequel called the movie, “a fun, absurd action romp with a few memorable moments that can’t help but be boosted by Cruise’s natural onscreen charisma.”

As for Amazon Prime, there is now a watch party feature through Twitch and here is a list of everything coming to the service in September to test that feature with.

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