Twitter Blue Subscription Listed as an In-App purchase on App Store


Twitter Blue, the paid subscription service that was recently discovered with a distinctive user experience on the microblogging site, has now apparently been confirmed. Twitter has included the paid service as an in-app purchase within its app listing on the App Store. However, the experience is yet to go live for the public. It is said to bring features including the anticipated ‘Undo Tweet’ option and colour themes. Separately, Twitter has brought its Clubhouse-style Spaces to the Web for a broader audience.

Reverse engineering expert Jan Manchun Wong has spotted the reference of Twitter Blue as an in-app purchase in Twitter’s listing on the App Store. The service is priced at $2.99 (Rs. 269 in India) for a month. However, it isn’t accessible through the Twitter app at this moment.

Wong said that she has started testing the feature as the first paying Twitter Blue customer. The service brings colour themes and custom app icons. It will also bring a dedicated Reader Mode soon, according to Wong.

Earlier this month, Wong spotted Twitter Blue as a premium subscription with features such as a ‘Collections’ section with the ability to let users save and organise their tweets. It is also claimed to bring the option to undo tweets for a short period of time, which was spotted as ‘Undo Tweet’ in March.

Twitter Blue could be available under a tiered pricing model through which people would get more exclusive features by paying an additional monthly charge over the default Rs. 269.

Although the details about the arrival of Twitter Blue for public access is still a mystery, the in-app purchase option available in the App Store suggests that the new service could soon become live — at least for some users to begin with. It is likely to help Twitter increase its revenue generation by convincing people to pay for additional features.

At its Analyst Day event in February, Twitter announced its intention to double its annual revenue from $3.7 billion (roughly Rs. 26,800 crores) in 2020 to at least $7.5 billion (roughly Rs. 54,330 crores) in 2023. The company also brought features such as Super Follows and Tip Jar in the recent past to help creators monetise their tweets on the platform.

In addition to its testing with Twitter Blue, Twitter is expanding its footprint in the audio and voice fields. The company brought Spaces as its live audio conversation platform similar to Clubhouse in February. It has now reached the Web and is accessible through on mobile devices and desktops.

You will be able to preview a Space conversation in a pop-up window before joining. It will have a description and some details about the participants available in the conversation. Twitter will also allow you to continue browsing while listening to a Space conversation.

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