RuneScape Android and iOS Release Date Locked in


The RuneScape iOS and Android release date has been confirmed — you’ll be able to enjoy nearly two decades worth of RPG content on your iOS and Android devices starting tomorrow.

RuneScape is a long-running RPG that has plenty of fun things for players to do. It’s pretty much been an exclusive PC experience for most of that time, but that’s all about to change starting tomorrow.

“You can play 20 years of RuneScape content on the world’s largest gaming platform and it all fits in your pocket,” read a news post on the official RuneScape website. “Play on the go and then jump over to desktop if you like, with nearly the same experience, taking everything with you – almost unthinkable!”

It looks like there are more than just a handful of people interested in this, too. Jagex says that it just hit 1.8 million registrations for the mobile version of the game in total. It’s never been a better time to jump in, too — the Elder God Wars will be heating up over the next couple of months, starting with the City of Senntisten launching next week.

When is the Runescape Android and iOS Release Date?

The RuneScape Android and iOS release date is June 17, 2021. This is just one more step in Jagex’s plans to get its RPG on as many platforms as possible.

“Moments ago, we finished our final pre-launch checks and they are all green,” today’s news post stated. “Deployment of RuneScape around the world has begun, marking June 17th as our official launch day for iOS and Android.”

For now, there are still plenty of other places to play the game if you don’t want to wait until tomorrow. You can play RuneScape for free on PC via its official website; otherwise, you can pre-register to play RuneScape on iOS and Android

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