Fan of The Sims 4 Creates A Ton of Resident Evil Characters


A self-described “huge” Resident Evil fan and Twitch streamer has created a ton of Resident Evil characters for The Sims 4 with a focus on making them as accurate as possible.

As a life sim, The Sims 4 is all about making your characters look however you want. While some people might make themselves in the game or an original character, but some of the more dedicated fans will aim to recreate fictional characters from other series just for fun. That’s exactly what happened here, and you can now download nearly 40 great characters from multiple Resident Evil games. (And yes, Lady D is featured.)

These Resident Evil Characters Look Great in The Sims 4

These fan-made Resident Evil characters for The Sims 4 look pretty good! They’re not exactly perfect — after all, Lady D is much shorter than her real height — but they’re pretty accurate otherwise.

All of these Resident Evil characters were created as a fan project by Katastrophe, a Twitch streamer who showcased her creations in a recent Twitter thread. The characters are split into six different packs. Some packs feature large groups of characters, but one of the more recent releases focuses on Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela.

These aren’t the only fan-made Resident Evil creations for The Sims 4, mind — other creators have taken a crack at making characters, locations, or other assets from the game at varying levels of quality. It’s the sheer number of characters that Katastrophe created and their quality that makes them particularly stand out. According to her, they’re getting “a ton of downloads,” too, so it looks like the community is loving them.

You can see all of Katastrophe’s creations on The Sims Gallery, although you’ll have to log into your EA account and turn off “Maxis Curated” in the advanced options. You can also see other fan-made Resident Evil creations on The Sims Gallery, too. Going forward, Katastrophe aims to make the Bakers from Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 8 and more side characters.

You can enjoy these creations yourself by buying The Sims 4 for PC and consoles via its official website starting at $39.99 or your regional equivalent. If you’d like to see Lady D in her full size, you can buy Resident Evil Village right now.

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