The Riftbreaker Sales Hits 350K, Next Update Teased


The Riftbreaker sales have crossed 350,000 units sold and EXOR Studios has revealed some details about what players can expect to see in the next The Riftbreaker update.

Last year was pretty great for those of you who love battling aliens. Whether it’s the tight, tactical combat of Aliens: Fireteam Elite or the challenging onslaught of Doom Eternal’s Horde Mode, there’s no shortage of great stuff to play. And if tower defense games are more your bag, there were some neat games released in that category last year, too.

One of these games was The Riftbreaker, a game that mixes action RPGs, base-building, and tower defense with a dash of survival gameplay. (That’s the “don’t die” kind of survival gameplay, not the “I’m running out of food” kind.) Apparently, this unique mix of gameplay has had strong appeal; the developers have announced that it’s sold a total of 350,000 copies across all platforms. Furthermore, “well beyond” 500,000 gamers have enjoyed it on Xbox Game Pass.

That’s pretty impressive, but EXOR Studios is far from done with this title. It’s already released a total of 15 updates last year; now, we’ve learned a bit more about what we can expect from the next one.

The Riftbreaker Sales Drive Further Development

The Riftbreaker sales have been undeniably good and EXOR Studios has no intention of stopping development anytime soon. In fact, it’s already begun work on its next milestone update.

The new milestone update is tentatively titled “World Expansion I” according to today’s news post and will feature a fair few new things for players to enjoy, including (but not limited to):

a "completely new" biome
new game mechanics
new creature species
new weapons
new skills
new upgrades
...and more

Additionally, a story-driven campaign expansion is going to be made available as a paid DLC. That’s not all — online multiplayer is in the works, too! EXOR Studios is aiming to get this feature out before the end of the year.

The next The Riftbreaker update is expected to arrive sometime in late March or early April 2022. For now, you can buy The Riftbreaker for PC and consoles via its official website for $29.99 or your regional equivalent. Don’t forget that you still have a little less than a day to get it at 20% off in the last hours of the Steam Winter Sale!

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