Horizon Forbidden West Announces Play and Plant Program


Play games, plant trees

Horizon Forbidden West is celebrating its upcoming release with a collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation. Their “Play and Plant” program will provide trees to three reforestation efforts happening across the United States.

As announced in a blog post on the official PlayStation website, Guerrilla Games wants to do something to help nature, just like how Aloy fights to save the Earth in Horizon Forbidden West. With their “Plant and Play” program, those who play their newest game will have the opportunity to help in local reforestation efforts. Staring from the game’s release until March 25th, any player who earns the ‘Reached the Daunt’ trophy will add another tree to be planted by the Arbor Day Foundation, who want to help “inspire people to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees.” Should players be willing to step up to the plate, they’ll be able to contribute up to around 288k trees, which the Arbor Day Foundation estimates should be enough to finish three major reforestation efforts currently in progress.

The trees players contribute will go towards three different reforestation efforts across the United States. These three forests are:

Douglas County Forest in Douglas County, Wisconsin. This forest spans 278,000 acres and is home to rare species such as the blue-wing warbler and Blanding’s turtle. Surrounding areas are at risk due to the previous deforestation damaging the area’s natural watershed protection abilities.

Sheep Fire Private Lands in Lassen County, California. The 30,000-acre area was recently hit by a major wildfire in 2020 and is in need of reforestation efforts, In addition, grey wolves have recently returned to the area and they need vast landscapes with a healthy ecosystem to thrive.

Torreya State Park in Liberty County, Florida. Home to plenty of longleaf pine trees, this 13,000-acre area has seen a significant decline due to natural disasters and deforestation.

Horizon Forbidden West is releasing on February 18 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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