Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi Has Left Capcom and Joined NetEase Games


The producer of several well-known titles such as Devil May Cry 4 and Resident Evil 6 has left Capcom and joined NetEase Games as their producer. This was announced by the producer himself via his personal Twitter.

Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi worked for Capcom for 27 years, where he produced several of some of the most played game titles in the industry. Kobayashi went on to state via his Twitter,

"After serving 27 years with gratitude, I have departed from Capcom on March 31st 2022, and will be officially joining NetEase Games as a producer. I will strive to continuously create more enjoyable entertainment experiences for everyone at this new company, in this new era."

After this announcement was made, he did not go on to state what other projects he is or will be working on as of yet, but told his followers to stay tuned for more information to come. Hiroyuki Kobayashi is not just known for producing video games alone, he has also been involved in the production of Anime such as Sengoku Basara: The Last Party and Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. After being hired by Capcom in 1995, he began working on his very first game, Sengoku Basara, which was known in North America as Devil Kings.

NetEase is the second largest gaming company right now in China, nipping at the heels of Tencent. Last year we found out that the company had obtained the developer Grasshopper Manufacture in order to create “more good content” as they claimed. There has been a growing number of Japanese video game industry veterans joining NetEase in recent years, which comes as no shock as the company announced the founding of Nagoshi Studio earlier this year, with Yakuza series maker Toshihiro Nagoshi leading the charge. NetEase is also known for backing its producers with hefty investments, which makes Kobayashi’s choice in joining the company make a lot of sense, and we can’t wait to see what they come out with having him under their umbrella.

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