Humankind Together We Rule Is The First Major Expansion From Amplitude Studios


Amplitude Studios has announced Together We Rule, the first major expansion for its turn-based strategy title Humankind, with a release set for Fall 2022 on PC.

Humankind has previously received multiple smaller DLCs that added new cultures and more to the game, but Together We Rule marks the game’s first major expansion. It will come packing a variety of new features and mechanics for publisher Sega’s 4X game, promising a much greater focus on diplomatic relationships and espionage.

That fresh espionage system means you’ll be able to send out a new unit called Agents, who can move in and out of other civilizations to spy on them, track their units, and steal their resources. These undetectable units will collect leverage that can be used at the brand new Congress of Humankind as a form of currency, allowing you greater influence over other nations.

In addition to all of the attention to espionage and diplomacy, Together We Rule will also bring 15 narrative events, new Affinity cultures, and six extra wonders. Some unspecified UI and further improvements are expected to be included as well.

A free update will come alongside the paid expansion, which will add reworked independent peoples and new stealth mechanics that should change up the game quite a bit. Armies and cities will now sport a detection value, while your military units will have a stealth value, meaning you’ll need to avoid being detected in order to carry out your sneakiest tactics.

While Sega hasn’t revealed an exact release date for Together We Rule, you can expect to get your hands on it sometime in the next few months. It’s worth noting that Humankind is available for free for any PC Game Pass subscribers, but that won’t include this paid expansion, and we aren’t yet sure what the price for that will be upon launch.

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